7 Social Media Tips for CEOs

Advertise on social media sites

In the wonderful world of social media marketing there are many ways to reach and engage customers. As with search marketing, there is both an “organic” and an advertising component to online marketing with social networks, news and media sharing sites.

As social media usage increases month over month, marketers have found a way to use these popular sites as channels for promotion. Anyone can join the PINK Victoria’s Secret group on Facebook and receive messages of a new sale or a new product line hitting the shelves in the upcoming weeks. Companies have been using MySpace for years to create custom pages for their promotion and making friends with current and potential customers in and around their target demographic.

Now that a savvy online marketer can build a profile, continuously grow a network and strategically contact said network with updates about the company and products themselves, it is time to bring in the advertising. Here are 5 things to know about social media advertising.

Understand your targeted social media channel – By knowing who is using which social media site, advertisers can promote their products to their targeted audience on the appropriate social site. Facebook users represent an older, more mature crowd than MySpace users, so advertisements about refinancing a home mortgage might not be the most appropriate content on MySpace.

Target the correct users with your message – Advertisements targeting users on social media channels are becoming more prevalent. There has been a lot of controversy about this content targeting on Facebook with their Social Ads. Here an ad is placed with related user actions and placed in the newsfeed for the users’ friends to see. If I were to change my status to say “Dana just bought a rockin’ pair of red high heels” a company selling shoes might be targeting “red high heels” and place their ad next to my status update. The company’s hope would then be that my friends were jealous of my new shoes and need an easy place to buy themselves a pair.

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