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Businesses are now learning that the long-term benefits of using free social networking sites can be even more effective than paid advertising. If they put these free tools to use, they can reap long-term business benefits.

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Why Social Networking Works Better

Social networking is all about getting to know your customers and letting people get to know more about your brand, business or website. Other than the time and minimal expense it takes to maintain a good social networking strategy, these free social networking websites can deliver big rewards in terms of brand recognition and customer confidence.

Businesses that previously spent large amounts of money online with Google AdWords campaigns are discovering that a well-planned social networking strategy can result in better conversion than Google ever could.

Because people get to know you.
People learn to trust you.
People learn to trust from brand.

Change the Way You Promote Your Business

Online networking and promotion is not going anywhere. It is here to stay and businesses are starting to realize if they do not take advantage of the opportunity, there are competitors that will.

Take some time to transition from relying on paid advertising to draw traffic to your business...over to a social media plan that will result in natural organic traffic to your business.You will be glad that you did.

FCA guides on use of social media for financial promotions  — Financial Reporter
While the FCA has made clear that it does not wish to curb the use of social media, it has suggested that firms make clear when they are advertising using social media platforms - for example, using the hashtag #ad on Twitter.

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