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Here is a great interview with Nick Harrison, creative Director at – it sums up how agencies should be embracing social media as a new communication channel – perhaps the communication channel. Agencies need to get on-board with the new way of marketing …..

It’s about getting focused and offering a client more value for their budget and producing results.



Article by: Victoria Colon

Social Media is the name of the game. We have been featuring this medium in recent articles on the Blog and Newsletter. Some ad agencies have been able to embrace this medium successfully. We recently interviewed Nick Harrison, Creative Director at, a web development and online advertising firm in Los Angeles about the future of advertising in today’s economy and Social Media boom.

1.How do you see the future of advertising?

Good question. When you look at the overall history of advertising you will notice that it has always evolved with the latest medium it had access to. Over the last three years however with the gigantic boom in social media, a lot of firms have been slowly realizing the true power of social media when used wisely. The most effective ad agencies realize that it is not just about buying ad space, especially with this troubling economy, it is about being smart and realizing how to take advantage of the non-costly avenues that are available to you.

2. How will ad agencies stay ahead of the curve?

Staying ahead of the curve or in this case, staying “with” the curve, is what it has always been about. Advertising has always been a war between your client and theirs. Who knows more about the war, the government bureaucrats or the soldiers and officers who are in the “shit”? To be successful in Web 2.0 and advertising in 2009 and beyond, you have to be knee deep. You have to not only be up to date with the latest mediums, you have to use and embrace them yourself.

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