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Socialbakers surveyed more than 500 marketing professionals, spanning across 82 countries and 20 industries to better understand where social media advertising was heading in 2014. When the companies were asked about their plans for their social media budget for monthly paid advertising, this is what they said.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. 14% of these companies with more than 5, 000 employees are putting $0 into social media advertising. Outside of that, the numbers are fairly spread out across the board.

So this what they are spending, but where are they spending it?
Glad you asked.

It's plain to see, Facebook is the dominant force for where companies are spending their social media advertising budget. You probably could've guessed that, but wow not even I was expecting that big of a majority.
Considering Twitter is still relatively new to the advertising world since it's launch in March 2012 with promoted tweets, accounts and trends, I'm not too surprised it's hanging out at the bottom.

What should my company be doing?

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where I could simply say "Yes, you should be advertising on all social networks!" or "No, only advertise on Linkedin!" Unfortunately, there is not a yes or no answer I can give you, but there is a path to take to help you figure out which social networks you should be advertising on, if any. Start by asking yourself these questions:

Social Media Advertising and Where Your Company Falls into PlaceWho are your buyer personas?

The first step is always to identify who exactly you are marketing to. Who are your buyer personas and on which social networks are they active on? If your buyer personas are primarily active on Linkedin and Twitter, it would not make sense for you to spend money advertising on Facebook even though 92% of the companies from above are doing it. If your buyer personas are primarily on Facebook and Youtube, there's no rhyme or reason to be advertising on Linkedin and Twitter.

Keep in mind the theory around inbound marketing, pull the people in instead of pushing your message in front of people aren't interested in your product or service to begin with.

What are your goals?

What are the goals of your company? Is one of them to increase your reach by X amount? Does your company have clear cut social media goals?

If you are ready to do social media advertising, have clear benchmarks of the ROI you want to see from these channels, whether it be an increase in following, visitors, revenue or click through rates. Without these predefined goals, you'll never be sure if it's a successful campaign worth continuing and if it is beneficial to your company to be spending money here.

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Do you consider it advertising when calling in a chit from a friend of a friend to:

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