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These days, social media has a powerful presence over nearly every aspect of our lives, and it can be difficult to access entry level advertising jobs. When you walk in the hair salon, you see a sign saying, “Like us on Facebook!” When you watch an episode of The Bachelor, you see people in the audience weighing in with their tweets on Twitter flashing across the screen. Social media is a part of all careers and businesses. Nothing can escape it, and that’s especially true when it comes to advertising jobs. But what types of advertising jobs are available? What do advertising careers require?

1. Making Searches Social

Social search is when search engines consider material from a person’s social network in order to generate results for that person’s search queries. The creation of Google+ and the socially oriented search engine that was launched on Bing grabbed marketers’ attention. Facebook even jumped on the bandwagon when they rolled out their graph search, an updated search engine which relies on socially based signals to generate results that are more personalized and relevant.

According to Jeff Bullas, a leading blogger on social media and at the top of advertising job titles, it’s likely that social search will play an increasingly dominant role in advertising jobs. He claims we can “expect to see more content marketing tools, tactics, and strategies that accept the fact that social, search, and content are increasingly integrated and intertwined.”

You can use author tags within the content you create as a way to stand out among the competition in search results. Also, you should become aware of who shares your content, and figure out ways to keep encouraging them to do so. As simple as it sounds, it’s important to be courteous: Thank the people who share your material, and pay it forward by sharing what they have to say, too. This, at least, should be understood through an advertising job description.

2. Emphasizing Images

According to recent research, people who shop using Pinterest are spending more at a greater frequency and buying more products than those who use the other five highest ranking social media sites.

Recently, Pinterest introduced a ton of new features designed to help boost website traffic. If you want marketing strategies that are optimized for visually oriented search engines such as Pinterest, you need to use compelling and clear images. Images matter on all social platforms. Recent research revealed posts with pictures are liked 53 percent more than ordinary posts on Facebook.

3. Making Way for Mobile Devices

The amount of time people spend on mobile devices using apps and accessing the web make up 63 percent of the yearly growth in the total time people spent on social media. Clearly, mobile devices are taking center stage as the number one way we get information, whether it’s social or not. This means those involved in marketing and advertising jobs are primarily concerned with how the content they’ve created can be optimized for mobile use. As such, they need to consider how readable their content is across a variety of platforms from tablets to Blackberries to iPhones, etc.

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