Using social media for advertising

Since the rise of Google AdWords, pay-per-click advertising has been the de facto way to promote just about anything online, whether you're selling bottle openers or want to sue over asbestos-related illnesses.

But pay-per-click (PPC) prices are on the rise. Some keywords that used to cost a quarter per click now run a dollar or more. Some keywords, like "mesothelioma settlement, " command over $100 for the top spot on Google's ad placements. PPC ads are still effective, but they've become less profitable for many.

The most promising alternative advertising outlet is in the realm of social media. After all, the average user spends hours every month on Facebook. Why not reach them where they're already engaged?

Nearly every major social media site offers advertising options, each with its own spin. (Read more in "Do social media ads really work?") But managing these ads takes extra work, not to mention the expenses you incur for running ads on each outlet. Luckily, social media ads don't have to consume your work week. Read on to learn how to start advertising with the most popular and effective social networks.


Setting up Facebook ads is a quick process.

To advertise on Facebook, visit your business's Facebook Page, check out the Admin Panel, and click the blue Ads Manager button. You can set a budget here and create your ad. Set your funding source and step through the options. If you have a locally-oriented business, you can go as narrow as only users who live in your town. Go wider with a statewide focus or choose the whole United States. Once you clear this screen, you're done. In fact, your ad will immediately be launched. This ad is extremely simple, and it's designed just to get your Page more Likes.

However, if you want a more complex ad, dig into the advanced ad creator on your Admin Panel by clicking Build Audience, then Create an Ad. To save yourself a lot of trouble, use the Chrome browser to work on your ad.

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.. to outsource your entire social media activities to an agency. Often, a hybrid approach is far more suitable.

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List of reasons why a company should use social media to advertise?

* Increased exposure to the billions people using social media
* Increased sales
* Increased lead generation
* Build a loyal fan base
* Interact with your customers
* Adapt your marketing plan quickly
You can do all of the above at a fraction of the cost that it would take with traditional marketing methods.

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