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social-executive-blog-headerAs more and more industries and businesses have come to accept social media as an essential part of their day-to-day marketing operations, the focus has turned to how social can be scaled throughout all facets of business. From sales to human resources, social media tools are proving to be valuable assets for improving efficiency and effectiveness across the board.

With this new focus on the ‘social business, ’ discussions have frequently turned to the C-suite and how an executive’s presence on social networks can benefit business. While this is an important discussion to have, much of the talk has focused on tech CEOs whose companies often provide services directly related to social media in one way or another.

Social media isn’t only important to tech companies, and executives in industries as varied as textiles or banking are turning to these channels. Yet, 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs still aren’t using social media. For this reason, we thought it was important to highlight non-tech CEOs using social media to help drive business results. Here are five that are making an impact:


Richard Branson is undeniably a leader in the social space, and not only among CEOs. Branson has committed to blogging and contributing content that enriches the experience of his followers and of Virgin’s clients. With over 3.3 million Twitter followers, over 4.7 million Google+ followers, and 2.1 million followers on his LinkedIn influencer blog, Branson has no equal among social CEOs. Unlike many of his counterparts, he also follows several thousand people, and tweets often about a variety of topics (not only business). This engagement truly sets him apart and strengthens his presence online.

So how does Branson’s social media use help drive business results? Richard Branson is his own brand: people see him taking part in extreme sports, flying across the world and managing a business empire, and they want to follow that activity much like they would a celebrity. He shares that life through social media and followers join him on his journey, all the while being exposed to Virgin and its products and services. In this way Branson’s social media activity acts like cross-promotion: the Branson brand and the Virgin brand boost the profile of one another. Branson’s activity on social also helps engrain a culture of social media throughout Virgin. He tackled the subject of why executives should use social media in a LinkedIn Post, writing “ Like all other areas of business, CEOs have the opportunity to set the bar. By ignoring social networks, they are potentially missing a trick.” Branson clearly leads the way.

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