Social media Channels for business

In our last blog post, “The Social Media Connection: Where does my business begin?”, I discussed a brief overview of some of the various/ and most popular social media channels to consider. Now, let’s dive deeper into how you may want to make the choice on which channel to use and discuss important considerations when choosing your social media channel.

Who is my customer?
As a small business owner, I’m sure you know who your typical customer is. You should readily be able to identify the age range, (generally speaking) income range, and gender. Yes, gender. Believe it or not, gender does have an impact on which social media channel you’ll want to consider. (More on that in a later post.)

Your business will not be successful on any Social Media channel if you do not have the basic demographic of who your customer is and what their buying habits typically represent. And let’s be honest, if you really don’t know who your customer is, you should probably close up shop now and find something else to do.

Once you identify your customer, you’ll want to take careful considerations and evaluate the variety of social media channels that are available. And yes, we’ll admit to you, there are a lot of them. For this discussion, it’s probably wise to focus on the big 4 – Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google +.

Poke around and play
Take the time to find out what’s happening on each of these four sites. They are all different, function differently. The only similarity between them is the ability to serve an audience in the social media universe.

Visit the social media channels of your choice. The ones you think you’ll be able to connect with your customers. Poke around, click here, click there, look at pictures, watch video, or search for your favorite brands. Pay attention to what is being posted, how things are being posted, and the online behavior of brands. The key to choosing your channel is also being able to discover through observation which channel will be the best fit for you and your business.

This is a process that will take much longer than an hour of your time. You’ll need to devote a week or two to this experiment. Take notes, make comments, post your own material and watch what happens. The key goal is to take away ideas for how you’d like your social media presence to operate.

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