Why use social media For Business?

8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social MediaIf you still aren’t convinced and your business hasn’t started using social media yet, here are 8 compelling reasons to do so.

As a business, understanding your target audience and their motivation to follow you on social media is key in determining how to best connect with, and grow your audience. Knowing your own USPs and understanding your customers well, will help give your business a voice and means you’ll be able to create and curate content that resonates with your followers.

We all know that social media is a must these days and that a huge and growing number of businesses are utilising social media as part of their marketing, but for those that aren’t yet on board; what are the benefits of investing in social media?

1. Social media helps you deliver better customer service

Twitter is often a first port of call for many customers who have pre-sales or support related questions. Leaving customer questions to go unanswered makes a business look unprofessional and like they just don’t care, so it’s crucial that you are visible on the social networks that your customers are using, and that you are regularly monitoring all of your channels for brand mentions and customer questions.

Real-time communication helps to make happy customers which in turn creates brand evangelists who drive positive brand sentiment. I’ve seen customers converted time and time again thanks to businesses answering pre-sales questions promptly; being active on social media really is a great way of positively influencing sales.

2. Social media drives brand building & differentiation

Social media makes it easy to improve brand awareness and build your brands identity. You can effectively establish your brands personality and give your business a human voice that people can relate to.

Connecting on an emotional level or showing some personality are both effective ways of helping your brand stand out from your competitors.

3. Social media helps you to manage your reputation

Managing your reputation online is a critical part of any marketing strategy and social media provides you with a fast and effective way to do this. When dealt with swiftly and sensitively comments and complaints can be dealt with effectively, this instant feedback demonstrates high levels of customer service and can effectively diffuse negativity and resolve any issues that the customer may have.

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