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Example of Scheduling Social Media Content by Social Media ExaminerRunning a business is stressful enough, not to mention keeping up with the changing social media networks and technology. But time spent investing in conversations and attention to customers on these networks can certainly pay off. Here are a few options for making social media management easier for your small business.

  1. Make it a group effort:

    If everyone in your company gets behind social media, it not only increases your visibility on the web, but the responsibility of updating and maintaining can be fairly shared. Asking for every employee to rotate a day that they will keep an eye on the company's social networks creates ownership and interest among employees. If you're looking for ways to easily manage a company blog, think about group blogging. Not only does it alleviate the time budget issue, it allows for fresher content and a compilation of perspectives that will speak to a greater audience. Ann Handley of MarketingProfs recently commented in a Twitter chat about group blogs that "In-house-penned blogs nurture leaders throughout the org(anization)."

    HootSuite Social Media Management[RELATED: How to Establish Social Media Policy and Guidelines for Employees]

  2. Keep a schedule:

    Setting aside a few minutes a day for a quick scan of trending topics and customer reactions will help you keep on top of the social media newstream. If you enjoy reading the news headlines in the morning with your cup of coffee, tack on a few more minutes to scan Twitter, Facebook and other networks. NFIB's made it easier for you by compiling the Top Daily Must-Reads for Every Small Business Owner. When thinking of what to say on social media seems like a huge deterrent, try keeping a schedule. Tory Johnson, founder of Spark & Hustle, advised business owners during her NFIB webinar How to Generate Sales by Executing Free Visibility Strategies to create a content grid. She said this will help with the "What am I going to write? What am I going to do?" that can be daunting to those just starting out. She explains that "the grid will essentially look like a weekly or monthly calendar with the spaces filled in with specific ideas for content. Planning ahead alleviates the pressure to generate constant content. And by all means, you can still be spontaneous and comment or share the latest news of that day, but the structure is what is...
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