Social Media campaign Management

How do you validate social initiatives? What’s the best way to optimize engagement, content, and deployment tactics to drive your business goals? How do you track conversions and sales? Social Campaign Management empowers you to produce, test, deploy, and fine-tune social marketing campaigns across multiple social channels to accomplish just that.

social media campaign management


Social Campaign Management helps you:

  • Quickly and easily create social marketing campaigns supporting corporate initiative
  • Collaborate on design, launch, and reporting across departments
  • Deploy campaigns effectively across channels, markets, and demographic segments
  • Automatically append tracking tags and parameters to track conversion
  • Roll up reporting metrics across multiple channels
  • Enforce campaign consistency across the entire organization
  • Optimize content placement and deployment tactics

CEO Michele Cuthbert: Passion is business for brand experts  — Columbus Dispatch
.. marketing and communications firm, Baker Creative, has evolved from “ more of a traditional brand-strategy agency” into a full-service operation with specialized services, from business strategy and HR training to social media and reputation ..

Popular Q&A

How does social media help manage global health crisis?

Ushahidi & Fronline SMS.  They were both used in Haiti as well as other international disaster and crisis issues.  There is a wealth of info on the web as well as Mobile Active on these two apps.
You might also just do research in social media and crisis reporting or mobile technology and crisis reporting.  The blog Mobile Active covers this space pretty well, actually quite well.

  1. Mobile Active search for Disaster Relief apps:

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