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If you manage social media posts for your company, then you're probably familiar with the sometimes overwhelming needs to stay in the loop and help your organization remain relevant with followers. Social media accounts never sleep – users log on at all times to view the latest news in their feeds. However, scrambling to create live posts at all hours isn't really a viable option for most companies. That's where post queues come in – they help you automate your social media posts so that your accounts remain continually active. Here are a few queue services to consider.


This well-rounded social media app can wrangle multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and accounts. Their unique "Awesome Plan, " helps businesses queue up to 200 social media posts for 12 different accounts. Additionally, you can add team members to share your social media posting responsibilities. Buffer also offers a number of scalable business accounts with two-step login processes for increased credential security.


There's a reason why Twitter acquired this powerful social media management tool back in 2011. TweetDeck doesn't just help you schedule future posts, but it also helps you make sense of the chaos that is your timeline. You can manage multiple timelines and customize them to highlight certain hashtags, events, and users. You have a variety of timeline parameters to sort through the noise, such as custom content fields and specific user names. When updates arrive, you can be notified by a special sound or pop up.

Sprout Social

This is a powerhouse app for social media marketers who want to get analytics and reporting under the same roof. Like Buffer, Sprout Social also works with Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, and Facebook. However, the Sprout interface is more conducive to teamwork, with group content calendars and queue categories for drafts and scheduled posts. The unique Viral Post feature uses analytics to determine the best time to publish your post for maximum engagement, so that you don't have to guess. The collaborative tools extend beyond simple content queue management – groups can share CRM records, assign tasks, and view engagement rates within the same application.


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Imagine you were asking what the best shoe is. Someone will say -- don't you think the best shoe is the one that fits you and makes you feel good -- maybe solves your unique foot needs? There is no best-of-breed shoe. How about asking what is the best ball to use if you want to play s…

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