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Enterprise_Social_Media__Mgmt_SoftwareTrying to manage social media within an enterprise organization? If so, you’re probably using some sort of software tool to help automate the process. As large organizations continue to embrace social media, it’s virtually impossible to be effective without using some sort of software platform to manage and analyze your efforts.

The choices of software platforms are many and varied: do you go with a large platform that’s part of an integrated marketing suite, or do you go with something smaller that might be more in line with your department’s needs?

Are you using a legacy software that you have outgrown? Or is management reviewing its options?

The report – like the other Market Intelligence Reports from Digital Marketing Depot – is designed to help marketers break down the decision-making process when it comes to adopting marketing technology. It address questions such as:

  • What do these tools do?
  • How can they help me and my organization – which one’s best for me?
  • What’s going on in the overall marketplace for this software?
  • Who are the leading vendors and what capabilities do they provide?
  • How do I get started in the process for identifying and adopting this software?
  • What’s it likely to cost for my organization?

Find out how the explosion in video content is affecting social media and social media management; why mobile optimization has become a must-have (vs. nice-to-have) capability; and, what the social networks have done in the past year to improve social analytics.

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We just published a Buyer's Guide to Social Media Management Software derived from 100+ in-depth end-user reviews of 36 distinct products to help buyers navigate the complex SMMS landscape, and to hear directly from real, authenticated users.
We discuss the 7 primary use cases for social and highlight factors of key concern to buyers like mobile access, integration to CRMs, M&A risk/impact, enterprise scalability etc.
You can access the Buyer's Guide for free here:

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