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@Brent #1 "direct" benefit, retention? I disagree. That is a benefit, but not #1 or "direct". I have no evidence, nor know of anyone that has had more renewals as a "direct" result of social media. If anyone would like to share that story it would be great, but I think we'll hear crickets.

Your "social shopping" point doesn't jive with me either. "People shop together"??? How does that tie into having an app? The idea of people discussing their purchases, sharing reviews, articles, or websites makes sense, but I don't see how that relates to an app. "Social shopping" is sharing and networking. Not an app.

I agree with Tim that this conversation is tired. People keep trying to justify it by attaching a cost per lead or lease statistic to it. That's just short sighted. What's funny is that the idea of measuring this is so that people can prove it's worth to owners and executives. However, if marketers would just present social media as "networking" vs "marketing" it likely would be more accepted. What's the value of a Chamber of Commerce membership? What's the value of belonging to the Apartment Association? What's the value of having resident parties/events? What's the value of outreach to local businesses? What's the value of going to the ball game with your local banker? What's the value of playing golf with your local insurance provider?

We justify all of these groups, activities, time and expenses without direct ROI, but once our fingers hit a keyboard or mouse that somehow changes. I'm just tired of the ROI conversation. Owners and executives have gotten where they are today mostly because of networking. Why marketers have to justify online social networking differently just doesn't make sense. It may be different, but it's much the same.

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