Books on Social Media Marketing

“It used tro be that you have to be everywhere, but now you just want to be everywhere that matters to you and your audience because the tools take so much bandwidth, ” said Penny Sansevieri, founder and CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., an online book marketing and publicity firm, speaking at Digital Book World 2014 on a panel about which social media and marketing tools publishers actually use.

The panel moderator, Murray Izenwasser, co-managing partner/strategy practice lead at Biztegra, led a group of four book marketing executives in indicating whether they used a laundry list of social media and marketing tools. The executives then gave commentary on each.

First, the executives, then the results:

– Kristin Fassler, director of marketing, Penguin Random House
– Rachel Chou, chief marketing officer, Open Road Integrated Media
– Brad Parsons, director of culinary marketing, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
– Penny Sansevieri, founder and CEO, Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

Key: 1/4 means that one of the executives uses the platform for book marketing

1. Amazon Author pages: 4/4

“It’s part of our checklist for launch.” — Chou (Open Road)

2. Author tools from other online retailers: 2/4

“We have seen the majority of sales for our authors from amazon” – Sansevieri (Author Marketing Experts)

“Apple is doing a really good job with our books that have movie tie-ins.” – Fassler (Penguin Random House)

3. Tumblr: 2/4

“Tumblr is great when you have a very specific piece of content, particularly visual content, and you want to reach a specific audience.” – Fassler (Penguin Random House)

4. Facebook: 4/4

“When we sign up authors, we always do an online audit and a social media audit. One of the big plusses of having a Facebook fan page is being able to co-manage it along with the author. The community aspect is enormous. It is frustrating that the organic reach of it has decreased over the past year.” – Parsons (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

5. Twitter 4/4

“It’s the top driver for us for getting to video content. The click-throughs to view and play photos and videos for us is tremendous.” – Chou (Open Road)

“We found that it can be one of the platforms that authors who are new to it are threatened by it.” – Parsons (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

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