Creative Social Media Marketing

Most people think of social media as a tool for stimulating conversations between people, whether they’re individuals or groups. Social media marketing expands on this idea by stimulating website traffic and sales by using social media to attract users to the brand. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are all examples of social media sites, but Twitter seems to be the one that allows for the greatest creativity in the shortest format with regards to self promotion. Brands must be careful to create a response with just 140 characters and a picture or video. Here are five of the best examples of companies who excel in this medium.


The little snack cookie that could, Oreo has a very playful Twitter account that highlights new products—including collaborations—responds to users comments, and deftly incorporates puns, pickup lines and one-liners into their feed. They also use pictures and short, 6-second Vine videos to get people talking. By interacting with fans and never taking themselves too seriously, Oreo has developed a rabid following from celebrities, customers and other companies.

Oreo also creates images specifically for use on Twitter that include random facts, interesting things, and just funny one-liners. In addition, they stay relevant by commenting on the news, and talking about things everyone knows about.

Let's be honest, we look great in this light. #Halloween

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo)

Expect that to be the most popular baby name this year. #OreoMoment


A beloved food delivery service used across the nation, Eat24 knows it doesn’t have to do much to get people to use it, after all, people love to eat. But they further endear themselves to the hungry public by using catchy turns of phrase and referencing pop culture hot topics like Kanye West’s latest album and smart phone apps like Bejeweled. Another bonus: They often feature coupons for the site.

You have friends. They like bacon. Eat24 delivers breakfast. Even when it’s for dinner. Tell your friends.

— Eat24 (@eat24)

They even write funny tweets about pop culture AND give you coupon codes.

Eat24: Helping you eat on the sofa AND find lost hours under the cushions.

Delta Airlines

There are few experiences more taxing or stressful than having flight delays, lost luggage or other travel related issues. But Delta’s twitter account employs a dozen people who are dedicated to solving issues stat; just send them a tweet about what’s happening. Though many airlines are experiencing plummeting customer service reviews, Delta manages to soothe hard feelings and impress people at the worst moments with quick responses and a dedication to satisfaction.

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