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B2BMarketing.net-Most-Effective-Social-Post-Types-May2014Compared to last year, B2B marketers around the world (but primarily based in the UK) are focusing their social media efforts more on generating leads and sales and less so on driving traffic and strengthening thought leadership, [download page] a report from B2BMarketing.net. The study, which finds that branding and positioning remains the top social objective among B2B marketers, asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of a variety of post types.

Interestingly, respondents were most likely to tab videos as their most effective, with 55% deeming them very effective and an additional 37% rating them somewhat effective. Photos weren’t far behind, rated very effective by 47% and somewhat effective by another 42%. That’s despite several studies (including this one) indicating that brands get more engagement from images on Facebook than videos.

The difference may come from the audience; B2B marketers’ audiences may be more attuned to videos than the broader consumer audience. Also, engagement rate studies such as the one referenced above tend to zero in on Facebook posts rather than the wider spectrum of social platforms. In fact, the B2BMarketing.net report finds that B2B marketers are far more active on LinkedIn and Twitter than on Facebook: some 74% have a LinkedIn profile that they regularly update, as do 73% on Twitter. By comparison, just 53% have a regularly updated Facebook profile, a seemingly small figure. YouTube (37%) and Google+ (26%) are further back in active use by B2B marketers.

It would be interesting to see how those figures reflect B2B buyers’ own activity. A new MarketingCharts Debrief [download page] on reaching and influencing B2B buyers and decision-makers lists American buyers’ most-visited social networks across various platforms (desktops, mobile web, and smartphone apps), finding some unexpected differences in buyers’ preferences across each. Also of note: the reasons (personal or business) buyers (across North America and Europe) give for using social networks vary significantly. Understanding these platform and usage differences is critical to refining a social media strategy aimed at reaching buyers and decision-makers.

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How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business? - Quora

The simple answer is:
1: Social Media/Internet Mentions
2: Sales
If you can correlate the two, then you can fine tune your activities to repeat the sales process.

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