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Ok so the past few days I've been inundated with emails promoting Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison. At first glance, the emails all promoted the same thing, make money using Plenty of Fish advertising and start with small budget of $5 and put up some campaigns and make money overnight.

So I finally clicked the link to his product and watched the video on the landing page. Maybe some of you have already watched this video. If you haven't seen it, then this is a recap.

It starts off with Adrain, ( a kid who is pretty polished at speaking in front of people) who talks about his company and how the family works for him.blah blah.. He then goes on to show how he randomly selected a group of people to participate in his Social Commissions product.

So he has these people sitting around a table at his office as they log back onto their computers to check their clickbank stats 3 hours after putting up some campaigns (placing ads). And of course to our amazement, 3 hours after they check their stats, ALL of these test subjects have made money. And over $100 each. One lady made over $300. Immediately in my mind, red flags popped up all over the place.

So then further in the video, Adrian checks back in with these same folks, 24 hours later now, and they log in to check their clickbank stats again live on camera. Wow, now these guys have each made serious money, Like $700 in 24 hours on clickbank.

So as you're watching these videos you say to yourself wow, that looks so easy I could do that. Right? So you buy the product at the $47 low ball intro fee expecting to learn how to create campaigns and then make money like these regular folks did in 24 hours.

HA. Are you kidding me?

So I purchased Adrian's product to see what his sales funnel was like and to of course see the product.

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Is social media by Adrian Morrison a scam?

It is, absolutely. With all of the success "interviews" in the infomercial, the small text reads to the effect of "These customers worked one-on-one with Adrian and his team and did not purchase the books or materials." All over the internet, people have complained that money is being taken from their checking accounts monthly. Also, Adrian presents an entirely inaccurate picture of how internet ads work and how they make money. 

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