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One of the more challenging aspects of running an online marketing agency is mashing our process into legal agreements. Out of the legalese we typically cover in our documentation (fee structure, NDA, Term, Termination, Indemnification, Arbitration, etc…) none is more delightfully daunting than the obligatory “scope” exhibit.

Because our work is always data driven and research based, it can be tricky to make legal promises that set realistic expectations based on fact-sets as yet undiscovered. We take the approach of building contracts with language that surrounds our process. This article shares sample scope from our “end-to-end social media research and pilot” contract, which includes organic social and social PPC. The verbiage is self-explanatory without further introduction. We hope you find portions of the documentation, as well as insight into aimClear’s process, useful.

Exhibit A: Scope Of Social Media Services by aimClear is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Exhibit A: Scope Of Social Media Services
Services will be mutually allocated and/or as directed by Client based on recommendations of aimClear. The objective is to plan and execute a strategic social media-marketing plan, deploy first-steps organic social, social PPC tactics and facilitate Client’s future ability to migrate programs in-house, post-deployment.

Interview Client for deeper briefing on product, goals and big picture. Audit existing paid and/or organic analytics, Facebook Fan Page(s) histories and associated case studies. Meet and integrate with client’s in-house creative, marketing, PR and technical human personnel as applicable by phone, email and chat. Assess Client’s human resources and technology readiness as pertains to building internal direct marketing team(s).

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