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There’s more to writing a social medial marketing plan than simply setting up a Facebook page for a social media marketing plan template; especially if you rarely contribute to it. In fact, the act of sitting down and writing your social media marketing plan is often more important than the strategy itself. The strategy-writing process forces you to develop and define your brand identity, identify your most likely client base and determine the best way to connect with them, and creating a social media marketing plan sample is important “Connect” is the buzz word that delineates the difference between traditional and social media marketing. Traditional advertisers talk at people. Social media marketers engage, and talk with them. If you’ve never written a plan, search the Internet for a social media marketing plan sample or a social media marketing plan template.

1. Set up Your Company Website and Blog

Surprisingly, many people miss this important social media marketing strategy step when writing a social media marketing plan. Instead, they put all of their marketing endeavors on their social media pages. This is a big mistake. Your website, and its accompanying blog, help you create your brand identity. Everything, from the colors you use, your font style and your content establishes “Brand You.” This is a key step in creating a social media marketing plan.

2. Create Personal and Professional Social Media Pages

Although the rules of social media networks are constantly changing, most websites will only let you have a professional page unless you have a personal page. That’s actually a good thing. Once you make personal connections with people, you can refer them to your professional page without feeling like a spammer when creating a social media marketing plan. Start with the major networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Use Social Media To Make An Impact At Your Next Trade Show  — Small Business Trends
Many small business owners have started to strongly incorporate social media into their marketing plans for their trade show events.

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