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Every sale starts with a question

"Where can I find a good CPA?"

"How will a new regulation affect my business?"

Where would you get your answer?
  • Yellow Pages: "Feeling lucky? Call this phone number…"
  • Billboards: "HEY YOU! I’M HERE!"
  • Social Media: "Hi, I'm recommended by six of your colleagues. Here's a link to all the positive reviews we've received. Let’s talk! We'll meet you right here, where you spend most of your time and we're just a click away. And feel free to join the conversation about us and our product."

Most companies would like to boast about their loyalty and responsiveness in their customer relationships. They know that word-of-mouth advertising yields the best and longest lasting customers. They also know that new customers asking" the question" don't search for the yellow pages, they search online.

Potential customers read reviews of your company and listen to conversations about you before you even have a chance to engage them. Can you make those reviews, tweets and status updates work for you?

Yes! Social Media is all about staying in touch on a person-to-person level, and for the first time in history you can converse with unlimited numbers of people on their terms, in a social setting. Opportunities for communication are wide open and anyone with an internet provider can take advantage of them. And it's not always the biggest companies that get there first. The playing field is truly level, and the best listener wins.

Social Media marketing is low cost

Your current employees are a great way to start- empower them to include status updates on company news. No fancy website or e-commerce site needed, just a willingness to spend some time talking with customers.


What about the risk to my reputation?
How can I build my brand on someone else's platform?
Should use "personas" to correct bad publicity?
How does it complement the website /blog /printed material I already have?

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