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Social Media Marketing Vancouver

Web Analytics for Marketing

Do you know how to use web analytic tools to measure the success of marketing campaigns and sales initiatives? Do you understand how metrics play a part in converting leads into sales online and how online tools can help you track the process? This course offers strategies for increasing revenue from analysis of online metrics as well as techniques for interpreting web traffic, extracting meaningful insights from data, and increasing profits. It also offers an introductory overview of how to analyze social media and email marketing reports to help drive profit.

Advertising Design Production

This practical 'how-to' course introduces students to the 'creative' side of marketing. It covers strategy, design, copywriting and production for print, broadcast and POP. Using Adobe InDesign, an industry-standard software, you develop your own marketing materials and start building a portfolio. The course is ideal for aspiring graphic designers and 'ad creatives' as well as marketers who want to better manage their creative resources. Limited enrolment.

Digital Branding

The traditional view of branding is going through significant transitions due to an array of influences including new technologies, Big Data and rapidly changing global demographics. This course takes a detailed look at the fundamentals of digital branding. The course is designed to help professionals gain a better appreciation for and a deeper understanding of best practices and developing trends in digital branding. It is also designed for consultants covering the marketing industry who are seeking insight into how to build a brand online - including multichannel marketing, social media, search, mobile, online advertising, email, and marketing automation. The course will present a combination of focused case studies, interactive exercises and a final project to foster new insights and strategies. Key topics include: (1) Best practices and trends in digital branding. (2) The user’s digital journey. (3)Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation. (4) The role of analytics and the importance of core reports in establishing brand strategy. Prerequisite: Prior knowledge to basic marketing practices will be beneficial.

Complete 3.0 credits from the following: Credits
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