Social Media VS Email Marketing

I know—how dare I have the audacity to hate on social media? It’s the way of the future! It will solve world hunger. It will have your babies.

And very soon, it will even make your decaf soy latte in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is great, and you should use it in your marketing if that makes sense for your business.

But you should not put it ahead of email marketing.

Because all other things being equal, email marketing still crushes social media marketing. Here are 5 reasons why:


Did you know that email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? That’s a whopping 2.9 billion.

In fact, if you imagine a full cup of rice is the number of emails sent every day, then by comparison, all the daily posts on Facebook would make a miserable 10 grains—barely enough to pick up with a chopstick. And all the tweets sent every day would be a measly 4 grains. In fact, Facebook and Twitter combined make up just 0.2% of the number of emails sent each day.

Not including spam.

facebook twitter compared to email

By the same token, every web search made on every search engine every day equals just 1/100th of daily email traffic; and all the pages viewed on the entire web each day—including images and videos—use only a quarter of the bandwidth consumed by email.

Many marketers are so busy chasing the latest baubles and magic bullets that they haven’t got a clue about all this.

After all, what’s old is dead—so email, being older than dirt in internet terms, must be deader than anything.

“No one uses it any more”—or, more often, “I tried but it didn’t work.”

But smart marketers consider email not just essential to their business efforts, but foundational to their marketing and sales systems.

Quality vs. Quantity

Okay, you may be thinking, sure, email has heaps of users. It’s got major “traffic” compared to social media channels. But so what? It’s not like traffic alone means anything. A small amount of precisely-targeted marketing aimed at high-quality traffic will nail much larger amounts then that of shotgun pellets sprayed willy-nilly.

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