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Gain new insights about your company, customers and competitors by tapping into more than 300 million social media conversations with the Meltwater Buzz Listen social media monitoring module. Discover the most meaningful conversations for your business with filters by topic, social media channel, language, and geography. Understand social conversation volume, sentiment, and trends. Track ongoing conversations for immediate engagement and research historical discussions going back six months. The Meltwater Buzz Listen social media monitoring module helps you understand the conversations that are important to your social community before, during and after your social marketing campaign.

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Eliminate social media noise to find the specific social conversations that are relevant to your business with sophisticated search-based social media monitoring. Search Deep – Use keywords to identify specific topics of conversation that are important to your social community, such as brands names, competitors, industry phrases, acronyms, social hash-tags, celebrities, trending topics, etc. The Meltwater Buzz Listen module’s search-based social media monitoring lets you dig deep into the social media chaos to target the most relevant conversations using precise Boolean logic. Search Wide – The Meltwater Buzz social media monitoring platform collects millions of social media posts daily from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, reviews, and more.MBuzz Media Spread Graph As new social sites emerge, they are added to the database. Posts are archived for up to six months to provide broad social media coverage across the web and over time. Meltwater Buzz social media monitoring saves you time by capturing all the social conversations that are relevant to your business, while helping you focus on the most interesting daily discussions. Save your keyword searches to monitor ongoing conversations. Then, follow the daily flow with search filtering, daily reports and alerts. Search Filtering - Focus in on specific discussions with ad hoc filtering of search results by new keywords, social media channel, conversation sentiment, language and geography. Email Reports – Receive daily, weekly or monthly email reports for each of your searches that include the latest mentions and detailed social analytics, such as volume trend, sentiment analysis, spread by social media channel, geographical distribution and themes cloud. Daily Alerts – Get notified when the conversation takes off by setting up alerts based on the volume and sentiment of mentions. Understand the precise impact of your social media marketing campaigns on the social conversation. Search-based social media monitoring allows you to capture conversations before, during and after your campaigns. Based on this data, you can use Meltwater Buzz social media analytics to create colorful charts that establish historical baselines, track campaigns in real-time, and measure campaign success across key performance indicators. Volume – Monitor the reach of social conversations about your company, brands, campaigns, competitors, and industry.

Use Social Media To Make An Impact At Your Next Trade Show  — Small Business Trends
Many small business owners have started to strongly incorporate social media into their marketing plans for their trade show events.

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