Monitoring of social media

Covers all major social media networksThe Sysomos product suite gives you all the tools you need to measure, monitor, understand and engage with social media users.

Covers all major social media sources

With Sysomos, you get access to the most comprehensive database of social conversations, with real-time coverage and historical archive of more than 100 billion posts. Our crawlers collect more than 16 million new posts every hour, from sources including blogs, forums, news sites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and numerous other social network services.

Facebook Page Central

Manage and moderate Facebook pages - auto-moderate comments, run sentiment analysis and prepare activity reports. Most importantly, you can centrally monitor multiple Facebook pages all from a single dashboard. There are no limitations on who you can monitor: Your own page, Competitors, Industry Sites, or any other pages of interest.


With access to full Twitter Firehose, Sysomos monitors all content generated by over a hundred million active Twitter users worldwide. By automatically identifying user specific information, including location, gender and sentiment, you can get user-friendly and insightful analytics. You can engage by scheduling tweets, replying, or direct messaging on Twitter.


Automated Sentiment

Instantly discover the tone of important conversations and track the impact of your social strategies over time. With our automated sentiment analysis engine in multiple languages, you can drill down into conversations and understand drivers of positive and negative sentiments.

Engagement Central

Link all your Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages, to manage them all from a single place. Send out messages, track conversations, manage approvals, follow/unfollow, re-tweet without leaving the Sysomos interface. Engagement Central is designed for team collaboration and easy reporting.

Connect with Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics account to Sysomos and see your social media metrics next to web visitor data. Since both social and Google Analytics are updated in real-time, this is a great new data point to track and analyse emerging visitor trends.

Reporting via email, dashboard widgets, PDF reports and CSVs

Insights and analysis of the social sphere can provide measurable metrics you can report on. Consolidate information by exporting a variety of report formats useful throughout your entire organization.

Reporting via email, dashboard widgets and Excel reports Stellar support that everyone loves! Influencers and their authority No Spam
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Organised Crime Fuelling Britain's 'Gangsta Jihad'  — Breitbart News
Monitoring of social media by Britain's political police force the 'Special Branch' shows that communications originating in the war-torn region uses British criminal slang to communicate with 'compatriots' left behind in the UK.

Compliance in 140 characters or less: FFIEC supervisory guidance on financial ..  — Lexology
Of critical importance for any financial institution using Twitter or other social media for business marketing and promoting purposes, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has issued final supervisory guidance titled “Social ..

Producers of TV's The Block vow to block the haters on social media  — Herald Sun
“We are now increasing our monitoring of social media, and if someone engages in a deliberate and deeply personal attack, we are going to remove those posts.

Popular Q&A

Why is the monitoring of social media considered a CBIS?

CBIS stands for Computer-based Information System
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are in the business of utilizing the information users enter to select targeted ads for your page or to inform companies when certain keywords are used in an update, tweet, of post. That is the price you pay for using them.

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