Problems With social media monitoring


The Problem with Social Media Reporting

Social media in business is all about measurement, and the rapidly-changing and still-developing world of social media reporting is still finding its feet. Accounting for the successes and failures your company is having online is a tricky arena, and there are countless different ways to do so.

Social media reporting has become essential, so getting it right is vital. We’ve not found reporting to always be quite as plain-sailing as we’d like, and thought it would be valuable to share what we’ve encountered and how we’ve learnt from it.

The video illustrates how we approach anomalies in social media reporting, and what can be done about them.

San Diego Chaldean Works To Silence ISIS On Social Media  — KPBS
Kalasho said monitoring social media is one way the community is helping their homeland from thousands of miles away. The Chaldean community is also planning a march on Tuesday to the steps of El Cajon City Hall to draw attention to the crisis in Iraq.

Start-up keeps eye on social media for threats  — USA TODAY
Floating above every town, university and middle school in America, there's a digital "cloud" of millions of public postings on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media, waiting to be searched by a company that sells security to school ..

Social media can be crucial to learn about student activity  —
Western New York Regent Bob Bennett says parents, not just school districts, need to be monitoring social media for clues about their child's behavior. “The technology to be able to report cases has grown very significant, most of it pretty good,” said ..

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Which social media monitoring vendors offer an API?

Check out the datasift API - get access to the full twitter firehose and other sources, much cheaper than Gnip

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