Social media brand monitoring

Twitter Brand MonitoringWhen it comes to online reputation, it is important to monitor anyone who is talking about your brand. This includes keeping an eye out for mentions of names for your business, products or services unique to your business, and people who represent your business. The following tips and tools will help you successfully monitor your brand on social media.

Real Time Brand Monitoring on Social Media

First of all, let’s look at how you can use the top social media network’s search boxes to find real-time mentions of your brand.


Once you have found results for your brand, you can save them using the Save this Search button. Alternatively, if you use a Twitter management tool like HootSuite or Tweetdeck, you can save your search as a stream and constantly monitor it as new tweets about your brand come through.

Facebook Brand MonitoringFacebook

Be sure to use the filters on the left hand side to see results in specific areas such as public posts, posts in groups, groups, pages, and so on. If you have groups dedicated to your brand, you might want to pop in to check out the discussion.


Be sure to scroll down to the bottom left and look at the options under Update Type to narrow down the results to just updates by people on their profiles, group mentions, and mentions in LinkedIn Answers.


Be sure to change the search from Everything to just Google+ posts to see updates on Google+ that mention your brand.


LinkedIn Brand Monitoring is the gateway for people who would prefer to voice their opinions via video instead of text. Thanks to their feature where people can record YouTube videos from their webcams and post them immediately on the network, more and more discussion is being generated. Use their main search box to see if there are videos about your brand.

You can sort the videos by view count – you might be impressed by the audience one YouTuber can draw when talking about your brand!

Brand Monitoring Using Alerts

If you don’t have time to keep tabs on real time search, you can create alerts that will be delivered to your email inbox or RSS reader. The upside to alerts is that they are set it and forget it – you’ll continue to receive emails as new mentions of your brand are discovered. The downside is the results are not instant – it may take the following networks anywhere from a few hours to a few days to send you your mentions.

Google Alerts

will search the entire web for mentions about your brand, including some social networks. These mentions can be delivered in weekly, daily, or instant digests.

Social Mention

is another monitoring system that will keep tabs on mentions about your brand across social platforms, blogs, forums, and Q&A networks.

Their search has been under maintenance, but should resume soon with the ability to help you keep track of your latest social mentions.

Google+ Brand Monitoring YouTube Brand Monitoring Google Alerts Social Mention Alerts
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