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The benefits of listening to or monitoring Social Media are growing at a break neck pace. Social media is the fastest way to reach out to people. For instance, if you’re looking to get open positions filled in your establishment, there’s a high probability of getting the word out quicker via social platforms. Not everyone is monitoring recruitment sites, your company’s careers page or the corporate blog for vacant positions.

When you send out a tweet with a proper hashtag, say “#jobs”, the chances of it reaching more people is highly likely. This is just a sample among some really lucrative domains like customer support, business intelligence and market survey, among others. Checkout our list of great apps for monitoring multiple social media platforms after the fold.


Arguably the king of social media management tools, with an arsenal of features under its hood. This web app leverages the power of HTML5 to manage multiple social networks using multiple accounts, keep track of trends, monitor keywords and much more. Hootsuite helps you to make sense of the exponential downstream tweets and updates filtered and assigned to columns.

Multiple users can tweet from the same account helping you to rotate members of your customer support team working on shifts. Tweets can be scheduled and audio alerts can be set to notify when there are new tweets. They also have powerful mobile clients on all major smartphone platforms for on the go social media fix.

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A lot of features that have now become standard features in major social media tools emerged from CoTweet. Until the arrival of HootSuite, they were the destination of choice for corporates and commoners alike when it came to social media management. Eventhough they’ve stopped calling them the “Social CRM”, the way user profile information and threaded conversations had with them are presented in the right sidebar is pretty useful.

You can also add notes to the conversation, add them to lists and see their social media influence with their Klout rating. Apart from Facebook integration, the app is tightly integrated to the ExactTarget’s email marketing app and the Salesforce CRM.

With a homepage that looks like it was designed in the bygone Web 1.0 era, it’s hard to believe that SocialOomph packs so many features under the hood. With this web app, in addition to keeping an eye on Twitter and Facebook, you can also publish posts to your blog as well. With the help of predefined tweet channels, tweets from selected breaking news sites, technology news sites, celebrities and more can be viewed. You can schedule your tweets, replies, DMs, Facebook updates and blog posts with the help of SocialOomph.

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