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Measuring Marketing effectiveness

insurance.jpgMarketing managers are spending huge amounts of money online and want to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns. A good marketing strategy should create positive conversations both online and offline.

By measuring conversation levels in social media and their sentiment, companies can see if their marketing strategies that are successful and take appropriate counter-measures to make sure the market gets balanced information on their products.

Manage crisis pro-actively

There are numerous cases where companies have been caught off-guard by issues that emerged in social media, escalated and then snowballed out of control. Dell Hell began with a single post by Jeff Jarvis. Motrin Moms was a campaign launched in blogs and on Twitter.organisational.jpg Listening to social media by keeping an eye on the levels of buzz and sentiment around your brands and products will help you detect any issues that could impact you, your brands and even your competitors. Early detection of negative discussions and issues is essential for effective crisis management. Online monitoring can help you proactively avoid and diffuse problems that may otherwise severely impact your business.

Do effective online public relations

PR departments are responsible for consistent communication with their stakeholders. A company’s main stakeholders are online. More and more companies develop communication strategies that take into account the powerful online influencers, and ensure that they listen and talk to them on an ongoing basis.

Listening platforms like Attentio Brand Dashboard™ allow you to identify influencers and monitor them closely; enabling ongoing communication with them. PR departments can also measure the impact of their activities.

Washington County Public Schools to monitor social media in schools  — Herald-Mail Media
Not long ago, school system officials found out about a student at a local high school posting threatening comments through a different social media-monitoring company that alerted authorities, according to Wilcox.

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