Social media monitoring software

Turn enthusiasts into buyers, and buyers into faithful partners

What business loves is a bottom line. So let’s cut to it: effective SMM helps you target and manage your relationships with more precision than at any point in history. Monitoring helps you provide greater customer service and detect more buyer interest. Relationships are born and blossom on social media networks every day. Now you have the chance to create your own, with both existing customers and new prospects. Your competition knows this too. They too want to target the alpha prospects and mate with the most fertile leads. With Brandwatch, your intelligence and magnetism will always be the most potent, most usable and able to yield the greatest returns.
  • Brandwatch makes it easy to track and engage with your new customers online, especially with Channels, our feature that allows you to monitor your owned communities. Generating this active and warm community of customers also serves as a perfect means for seeding news, updates and promotions, amplifying your reach and spreading the gene-pool ever wider.
  • There are whole tribes of people who would be interested in your products if you’d only been introduced. Use Brandwatch’s advanced query creation to single out the questions and signals indicating buying intent – then make your move.
  • A happy customer base is a vocal customer base. Track the topics of importance to them and lead by example; engage with your customers, prospects and influencers in ways that help and benefit them. This will encourage them to point new people in your direction, ensuring you’re the fittest for survival.

That bottom line: effective SMM helps you target and manage your relationships with more precision than at any point in history

Boldly take your brand messaging to new frontiers

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, brands had complete control of their positioning. Now even the most well-intentioned, perfectly crafted message can draw all kinds of alien commentary. Like it or not, your communications now have a life of their own. As a marketer the onus is on you to pay close attention to who is receiving yours. You need to know when, where and how you’re getting the most reach and impact. Which clusters should you prioritize for engagement? How can you best connect with your prospects, and what pulls a prospect into orbit? Brandwatch gives you the view from the bridge, helping you answer all of these questions with sophistication and precision.
  • Up-to-the-minute notifications about important conversations enable your business to get involved at the right places at warp speed.
  • Finding the most active communities relevant to your brand means you can immerse your business in the behavior and outlook of your target audience. It’s the only way to know what will really resonate across the reaches of space.
  • An accurate and comprehensive reflection of online buzz means the real impact of your campaigns is plain to see. Choose from a myriad of metrics and combine with your costs and revenues to truly comprehend your ROI.

Now that’s real value you can broadcast back to the mothership.

A revolution in monitoring and analysis

Social media has led to nothing short of a bloodless coup in research. Businesses are now able to tap into public opinion and discover what people really think about them, their ideas and their products. Online conversation yields a level of honesty and transparency that the old regime of surveys and focus groups could never hope to match. With the power of Brandwatch at your fingertips, filtering, segmenting and manipulating entire collective farms of information is easier than the most wide-eyed idealist ever imagined. Brands of the world, untie. You have nothing to lose but your limits. From the era of simply posting sentries on your keywords, march forward with Brandwatch towards the glorious next level of social media research. Imagine being able to segment automatically by mention-type: complaint, review, referral, buying signal or by author-type: customer, competitor, prospect, advocate, detractor, recidivist lickspittle lackey. Ruthless.
  • One of the greatest strengths of Brandwatch comes to the fore when you need to make sense of huge volumes of data without spending hours trawling through. Search within your data and filter it in endless ways, then categorize, tag or edit it all with a couple of clicks. Revolutionary.
  • It’s not always possible to analyze every piece of data manually; but thanks to Brandwatch, it’s no longer necessary either. Set up customized linguistic rules for ongoing automatic analysis and tell Brandwatch what to do with the output.
  • To get a true picture of how you are really perceived, you need comprehensive coverage of every conversation taking place. Only with a tool as powerful as Brandwatch can you effectively cross-reference and compare data from different regions, different time periods and different markets.

It’s time to embrace the change.

Join the revolution

Your reputation is your lifeblood. Nurture it

The viral potential of social media clearly works both ways. How you interact and carry yourself in the public domain says a lot about your brand. The perception it fosters as a result—good, bad or indifferent—can infect the internet at lightning speed and make a permanent mark on the minds of influencers and potential buyers. That can either be great news or the exact opposite. So there’s no time like the present to get savvy about cultivating your brand’s health and protecting it from the risk of contagious disease. Brandwatch prescribes just the right remedy, detecting patterns of discussion, behavior and sentiment that matter, along with genuine pockets of influence. Real-time email alerts allow you to treat life-threatening conditions before they go viral and boost your resistance to attacks.
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