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Brands can monitor their mentions in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, news and thousands of other resources. This broad tracking provides our clients with critical insights and benchmarking ability against competition. They get an idea of how their brand is being spoken about, where issues exist and detailed customer data (who they are, where they live, if they are influencers or not etc).

2. Online Competitor Monitoring

Our clients have access to similar insights on their competitors. This business information proves critical in coming up with your overall strategy – marketing, supply chain, product features etc. Use of our products will give you an edge that you did not have before. Ability to track social media campaigns, identifying influencers and even listening for confidential chatter about upcoming projects or past results provides excellent gage as to how our clients are doing.

3. New Product Campaigns

Clients who run marketing campaigns use social media monitoring to track them. They are able to see the baseline and then measure uptick in reach and conversation because of their campaign. This can be married to sales metrics to report on overall campaign effectiveness. Powerful reports and ability to download them gives an additional benefit of making them easily sharable.

4. Customer Service

Today, customers do not just call the company to leave their feedback – they often speak about it on forums, social networks and other online channels. Usually, conversation is associated with a complaint, a recommendation or as part of a story detailing something related to your industry. In all three cases, our clients quickly gain access to the details of what is being said about them so it can be passed to the right department (either for research, product development or for response/action.)

Put Your Customers First Or Perish, Seriously  — TechCrunch
Hald is careful to differentiate his company from social media monitoring solutions, which he says only let you know that there is a discussion about the company in social channels.

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What are the best social media monitoring tools for europe?

As soon as you want multiple language coverage, you leave the free/cheap category completely. You're looking at full-service solutions like Synthesio, Converseon, Integrasco that charge significant (but justifiable, within reason) fees.

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