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Less than a week ago Google launched Google Buzz. We have been tracking its adoption this past week, and we believe it has already become an important platform for brands to use to listen and engage with their constituency.

Just two days after the launch, Google reported on their blog that there were over nine million buzz updates posted from mobile devices alone – that’s a rate of 200 mobile posts per minute. In addition, Google reported, “…tens of millions of people have checked Buzz out”. The launch has not been without criticism, but Google is responding rapidly to feedback and introducing changes to address user concerns.

One of the notable characteristics of Google Buzz is the high level of engagement it inspires in users. For example, Mashable’s blog post on the Windows Phone 7 launch received more than twice the engagement on its Buzz profile as it did on the main Mashable site, garnering 64 comments on Buzz compared with the original post’s 27 comments.

While Google Buzz allows users to push content from other sources connected to their Google Profile (i.e., tweets, blog posts from Google Reader, etc.), it also allows them to generate unique updates both from the web and mobile Buzz applications. This means, in order for our customers to continue receiving a complete view of the discussions about their brands, our social media coverage needed to quickly expand to include the Google Buzz platform. We are proud to say that, as of today, Radian6 monitors Google Buzz.

Public content on Google Buzz is flowing into the Radian6 system as we speak. To avoid polluting content in the system with duplicates automatically shared from other social networks, we are indexing only original content posted on Buzz either from the mobile or web interfaces. Re-posted items from Twitter or blogs will not be indexed since our platform already captures this content from the original sources. In the Radian6 platform, Buzz updates are classified as blogs since they resemble this media type the most with their support of long-form commentary and threaded comments. And, if Google Buzz continues to grow in popularity, we may assign it a media type of its own.

We now cover approximately 4.5 million Google profiles and our system is automatically and rapidly building on this number, prioritizing the most active profiles. As Radian6 users already know, we index comments from blogs, videos, forums, pictures, and online mainstream news, and we will be looking to extend this coverage to include Buzz comments as well in the coming weeks.

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