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TrueCare social media monitoring

As the Internet and social media become more complex, parents need protective resources that are simple enough to use without hassle, yet advanced enough to monitor children’s online behavior safely and effectively. TrueCare is an easy-to-use, collaborative social media monitoring tool with features that help keep your kids safe from the potential online dangers of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

What Is TrueCare? Explore the Benefits:

  • TrueCare helps you monitor your children’s online activities 24/7, whether they are accessing social networks at home, at a friend’s house, at school or through their cell phone.
  • TrueCare can be customized to flag content that is relevant to your family.
  • TrueCare is not about spying – parents and kids work together to communicate, connect and protect.
  • TrueCare is the most comprehensive social network monitoring tool in the market for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

What Does TrueCare Do? Explore the Features:

24/7 Monitoring and Email Alerts. With 24/7 monitoring, TrueCare allows you to see your kids’ online activity and flag suspicious content. TrueCare automatically searches for keywords in the categories of alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and depression and sends email alerts whenever inappropriate, dangerous or hurtful messages are found.

Screening Tools. Identify and investigate your kids’ online “friends” to easily and quickly stay informed on who your kids are talking to online. TrueCare provides the names, pictures and profiles (age, location, gender) of every friend in your children’s networks.

Adult Friend Alert. TrueCare sends you an email alert whenever your child “friends” someone that is identified as an adult.

Out of Network Friends. When your child “friends” people who are outside of their network, meaning that they have no other friends in common with your child, TrueCare will notify you so that you can learn more about that “friend”.

Photo/Video Monitoring. TrueCare allows you to see all of the photos that your child posts to their social network sites. You can also see photos posted by their friends where your child is “tagged”. TrueCare screens captions and comments of photos and videos and sends you an email alert if potentially dangerous content is found.

Customizable Keyword Database. TrueCare sends alerts when content is posted and includes keywords customized to your family’s specific needs. Examples of customizable keywords include nicknames, cell phone numbers or hurtful language.

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Hald is careful to differentiate his company from social media monitoring solutions, which he says only let you know that there is a discussion about the company in social channels.

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