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Insurance industry social media policy Guidelines

Family Heritage Life Insurance (FHL) has now joined the throngs of other businesses that are using Social Media venues to increase their exposure to the online community.

It is important to note that the information contained in this document is subject to change at any time. It is advisable to check the document periodically for any updates or changes.

To provide a set of regulations for persons related to FHL to adhere to when they are using Social Media venues to be sure that their online behavior complies with company policies and procedures applicable rules and laws.

For sales persons, these rules are not intended to control the manner or means by which you sell insurance. Participation on FHL’s social media sites is voluntary and is intended to be used as a forum to allow you to discuss issues relevant to persons selling FHL products. Nevertheless, we expect you will be responsible in your use.

For FHL employees, the FHL Employee Handbook contains applicable policies and guidelines which would apply when an employee uses FHL social media sites, including, but are not limited to the following: Conflict of Interest Policy (Section 1.03), Code of Conduct Policy (4.00) particularly the Harassment and Discrimination Policies (4.02), and Communications Systems Usage Policy (6.01). Please remember: other than those employees who are in charge of FHL’s social media presence, it is not a requirement of any employee’s job to post or respond to items relating to FHL on any social media site.

The same policies and guidelines outlined in the FHL Employee Handbook also apply to the online activities of FHL Employees that affect the interests of FHL, both inside and outside of work. Failure to comply with these standards puts the future participation of an employee at risk, and, in some cases, may lead to disciplinary actions.

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Hald is careful to differentiate his company from social media monitoring solutions, which he says only let you know that there is a discussion about the company in social channels.

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