Library social media policy

The Library is committed to providing an active learning environment to support the information needs of the CSUSM community. This document defines acceptable use parameters of social media for all authorized faculty and staff of the CSUSM Library. Social media from the Library is intended to supplement the means of communication currently in place for press, news, events, and announcements.

Social media can be defined as any web-based application, site, software, or account created and maintained by the Library that facilitates an environment for library staff and library users to engage and discuss current events, items of interest, or campus related subjects/issues. Some examples of social media outlets are:

Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The CSUSM Library actively participates in social media to:

  • Reach out and engage the students, staff, and faculty of CSUSM.
  • Cultivate an open, professional, and responsive dialog with our users.
  • Promote the value and importance of the services offered by the faculty and staff of the CSUSM Library.
  • Showcase library events and campus happenings.
  • Promote research tips and useful tools for scholarship.

Basic Administration

The development of the Library’s social media presence is a collaborative effort that is moderated by more than one person. Make sure a colleague has access rights so monitoring and uploading of content is a shared task. Library faculty and staff will work together to periodically assess the role of each social media site. All library faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute content. However, there will be one or two library faculty or staff that are the designated editors for Library social media program. Student workers may assist with crafting content.

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Put Your Customers First Or Perish, Seriously  — TechCrunch
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