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- 1986 San Diego: Ralph pioneered Internet lead generation by using dial-in access to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with a charter enrollment in the first public access ISP (CompuServe). Generated the auto industry's first Internet Leads by posting vehicle offers on multiple BBS's. News of his success with these early experiments in online lead generation helped inspire creation of automotive Internet Lead providers such as Autobytel. - 1999 Philadelphia: Ralph was part of original start-up team that launched Cyber Car, an automotive consulting organization that implemented Internet Sales processes into Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan and Infiniti dealers thoughout North America. - 2000 Houston: Led development of Toyota eCertified dealer development program for the Gulf States Toyota (GST) Region. Facilitated Toyota eCertified Dealer workshops for over 100 Toyota dealers. - 2001 Torrance: Created seminar and in-dealership training program, led team of 25 consultants in national dealer orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out all USA Honda and Acura dealers. - 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and secured funding for in-dealership Internet Lead Management CRM implementation for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers. - 2003 Detroit: Ralph led development, wrote Scope of Work and trained over 50 RCS consultants to execute BDC driven CRM Implementations into 600 Ford dealerships. - 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph develops, builds and leads a team that markets and sells more new and used cars using digital marketing strategies and tactics than ever before accomplished by a single point franchised dealership. - 2008 Dearborn, MI: Ralph secures landmark agreement and purchase order from ford Motor Company to migrate 50% of all ford dealerships from conventional local marketing and advertising to more effective digital marketing strategies and tactics

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NJ school district to amend social media policy after lawsuit over student's tweet  —
The Journal reports that the district agreed in April to reimburse the student $9,000 in legal fees and to clarify its policy on social media monitoring as part of the settlement with the student, H.W.

APS launches new social media policy  — KRQE News 13
“If you are to post something about someone that's hurtful, you should get in trouble for it,” Estevan Hernandez said.

Communitelligence How to Empower Your Employees to Be Social Brand Ambassadors
Single Detail Page Misc (Communitelligence)
  • Where you should start; who needs to be onboard
  • How do you sell a social ambassador program to management, and employees
  • How do you create a voluntary, online training program to educate employees on engaging in conversations that are authentic, responsible and interesting.
  • How do you decide on the right content for employees to share - and a seamless process to make sharing easy
  • How to make sure your social media policy doesn t scare employees away
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