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Creating a social media policy can be confusing. For one thing, it’s not one-size-fits-all. A policy can take many different shapes based on your goals and the group who will be using it. Some policies are highly tactical, some are full of legalese and some are nothing more than common-sense guidelines.

But, whatever form it takes, a social policy is important: It sets expectations for behavior, helps prevent a PR crisis, and can give you legal recourse against employee actions.

Before you dive in, think first about your purposes: What are trying to create? To get you started, let’s walk through three common types of policies you might explore.

A policy for every need

HR social media policy: Marketing may have a hand in its creation, but this type of policy is often managed by HR to ensure employees know how they should use social media on company time. A 2012 shows that 56% of companies have an employee policy on social media.

Policy on corporate use of social media: Some companies have many corporate users of social who update regularly on the company’s behalf. This requires a more robust policy – and should be paired with training – than what you might create for the average employee.

Social policy for customers: This is policy that gives your online community expectations for behavior. For example, Cleveland Clinic’s warns against posting personal health information on CC sites. of companies have a policy for customers.

A Real-Life Example: Creating an Agent Social Media Policy

Do you have a number of employees who update for the company? It’s likely you need the second type we mentioned – a policy for corporate use.

This was the case for American Family Insurance. Collin Kromke, one of the company’s social media administrators, recently to talk about their agent social media program. The thousands of American Family agents who update on behalf of the brand were initially bound to an HR social policy, but Collin soon realized the need for a separate policy.

NJ school district to amend social media policy after lawsuit over student's tweet  —
The Journal reports that the district agreed in April to reimburse the student $9,000 in legal fees and to clarify its policy on social media monitoring as part of the settlement with the student, H.W.

APS launches new social media policy  — KRQE News 13
“If you are to post something about someone that's hurtful, you should get in trouble for it,” Estevan Hernandez said.

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