Social media policy for Nonprofits

A social media policy is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. For nonprofits, the stakes are high. There is so much competition for foundation funding, donations, even general support. To rise above the din every organization needs to make its voice heard – and increasingly that conversation is being taken online into social media streams.


But just simply being on social media doesn’t accomplish the goals of any nonprofit — you need a plan to succeed and a plan to protect the organization and its employees. The best way to do that is with a social media policy that outlines effective communication strategies for anyone that comes in contact with a social media account for your organization.

To that end, we’ve developed a short presentation that looks at the key components in over a dozen of the most popular nonprofit and for-profit social media policies from around the world; including one-pagers and 100 page tomes of legalese. The presentation shows you what they all have in common and then teaches you how to create a simple, clear strategy for your own organization. At the end, you’ll receive resources to view and download nearly 100 more social media policies to continue your research.

The presentation was delivered as part of the Steel City Nonprofit program, an NTEN 501 Tech Club which gave this presentation in 2013 and updated again it for 2014.

The nonprofit industry is one community and we are stronger when we help each other succeed. That’s why we offer this presentation for free to registered users. Click the download button below to receive a pdf version of the social media presentation.

As always, if you have any questions about navigating the sea of nonprofit social media OrgSpring is your lifeline. Do not hesitate to leave comments on this post or to reach out in-person.

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