Social media profits and

Social media Profits

It’s the age-old problem for business owners: in order to sell to customers, you have to first find customers. In pre-electronic times, it was simpler: hang a sign out on a storefront, and if your products and services were good and your prices fair, then the customers would come through the door.

Today, it’s harder. With more competition and customers spread out all over town, or even the world, it’s harder than ever to find people with whom to do business. But not impossible.

First, leverage the knowledge of people and organizations that have been in your shoes. They’re the experienced ones, the thought leaders and knowledge managers of your particular interest or business sector.

Also, seek out people who will have a direct connection to or interest in your efforts.

Just asking your customers what social media platforms they use should be the first mode of discovery. A lot of business owners assume that there’s some special trick to figuring out where their customers reside online. And while there are some ways to find this information on your own, you can do the easy task first and simply ask.

Local police departments review social media policies  — WKYC-TV
Oliver says the tensions in Ferguson right now are a prime reason why trust is needed between the officers and the community they serve. He says that's why they have a social media policy.

Social media policies in the workplace  — Lexology
This is an ever-increasing area of litigation. In a series of recent decisions, the National Labor Relations Board (“Board”) has found social media policies unlawful because those interfere with employees' rights to act collectively.

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What are some best practices for non-profit social media?

Whether you are an NPO or not, an integral part of any good marketing plan is defining your goals.When you know what it is you want to achieve, creating distinct marketing campaigns and tactics become much more clear.
The goals of non-profit organizations can be as diverse as the myriad of organizations themselves. There are, however, a few major goals across the board.
5 major goals of a NPO include increasing:

  • cause awareness
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