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Business social media Strategy

A global bank executive recently described to us a challenge for our times. It turns out that a customer who normally would qualify for the lowest level of service has an impressive 100, 000 followers on Twitter. The bank isn’t doing much yet with social media and has no formula for adapting it to particular customers, but the executive still wondered whether the customer’s “influence” might merit special treatment.

It’s the kind of perplexing question many companies face as they formulate their thinking about social media. To understand how businesses are approaching the challenge, we analyzed strategies and practices at more than 1, 100 companies across several industries and continents, and conducted in-depth interviews with 70 executives who were leading social media initiatives. Our research revealed four distinct social media strategies, which depend on a company’s tolerance for uncertain outcomes and the level of results sought.

The “predictive practitioner.”

This approach confines usage to a specific area, such as customer service. It works well for businesses seeking to avoid uncertainty and to deliver results that can be measured with established tools.

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Are you using social marketing for leads? Sales? Exposure? You cannot function without knowing your purpose in using this tool we've been blessed (or cursed) with. This is THE first step in formulating your business' social media strategy.

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It shows them that a brand has got it together – and presents their best side to fans that can quickly turn into loyal consumers.

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