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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private nonprofit Sapling Foundation, sharing "ideas worth spreading.” The talks presented at these conferences usually inspire, provoke, and inform our thinking and contextual references.

But there are some TED talks that can really do a lot to help nonprofit marketers, in particular. And with their focus on technology and the way we all interact with one another, there are particularly rich lessons for nonprofit marketers focusing more on social media.

These selected TED talks are, in my opinion, must-listens for anyone working at nonprofits looking to focus more on social media marketing and engagement. Have a listen.

Seth Godin: The Tribes We Lead

Seth Godin’s TED talk on “tribes” is as relevant today as in 2009 when he gave it. Godin’s compelling and entertaining talk, starting with a balloon convention and the courage of one man to create a “no-kill” ASPCA in San Francisco, ends with a compelling case for connecting with people who care and want to be part of a similar cause. These people are your tribes.

Godin asks: How does one actually go about making change? What are the keys to creating real change? The answer is Tribes. Godin suggests a strategy for creating community change through the power of tribes.

Julie Dixon: A Note on Generosity

Julie Dixon, Deputy Director of Social Impact and Change at Georgetown University, studies the social impact of sharing ideas. There is a "new kind of valuable currency that you can't find in your wallet. The most important resource you can give to a cause today is influence.”

Using data and stories, Dixon explains that using influence to ask for something is a critical step to getting people to join your movement. “There are a lot of global causes today that are playing to empty rooms. Use your influence to get people to join you in supporting those causes, and fill those empty rooms with people.”

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How can nonprofits increase their social media followers?

Yesterday I wrote a blog post listing niche social media sites that non-profits can use to really get a great social media presence going. I also explain how powerful a strong social media presence can be for a non-profit, specifically how it can help you get bigger sponsors and more funding. The link is below. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions at all! The post only covers the tip of the iceberg.

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