Social media Recruiting Strategies

How to Create a Social Media Hiring Strategy

Deliver More Than Just Job Postings

"The goal should be to both make potential applicants aware that you have jobs available and to also show what it's like to work for your company - showcasing the company's personality and culture, " Berkowitz says, but that involves more than just posting an endless stream of want ads.

"You should focus first on creating a 'human face' for your brand to create real-time conversations with candidates and be authentic as possible. Show the true benefits of connecting with your company's accounts and make it a personal experience for candidates, " Berkowitz says.

It's important to remember that a social media recruiting strategy will become a two-way conversation between the company and potential hires. Unlike traditional media or advertising, the goal is to create a conversation with potential candidates, not just push content to them.

"Social media also allows for connections with candidates in a more personal and engaging manner, " Berkowitz says. "Social media can be used to form relationships with candidates and create an outlet of communication that may have not have been available before, " but remember that communication like this goes both ways.

Expect that candidates may offer you feedback on your recruiting and hiring process as it evolves, and they may come up with questions, concerns or issues you hadn't thought of. That's why it's important, Berkowitz says, to make sure your messaging and communications are consistent.

It's especially important to have a social media expert skilled at responding to applicants and customers, someone with marketing, communications and social media experience who can act as the company's mouthpiece in a professional, yet engaging and cordial way, says Kimberly Samuelson, director of enterprise content management strategy at Laserfiche.

"You want someone who's well-versed in traditional marketing practices, but also someone who understands how candidates interact with companies and respond to engagement online, " Samuelson says. "So, there should be a little bit of human psychology thrown in as well."

Whoever's in charge of the social media strategy should have experience responding to customers, both when feedback and inquiries are positive and when they are negative - you always want to put forward a professional, but approachable corporate image, " Samuelson says.

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Why Social media as a recruitment tool?

Social media in its purest form is : content delivered through social interaction that excites others to repeat. It doesn't 'matter if you are recruiting for employees or for volunteers, there comes a time when their resources of one person or organization will become depleted.
Social Media allows each of us to extend our reach to others through
"friend casting". Friend Casting is simple the process that develops when you know someone who then know someone who then knows someone.
Social media is not a new thing, it is just using the tools that are new. Many of the reasons why its use…

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