Social Media Strategists

Social media Strategists

A couple months ago, I woke up, as I hope to be doing for many years to come, and went to work. I sat in a brainstorm. We came up with a bunch of content ideas for our brands’ social channels – images, GIFs and lines of witty copy. I went back to my desk, opened a container of leftover lo mein and realized I’d wasted the last four years of my life.

It wasn’t the MSG talking, and it wasn’t one of my typical bouts of chronic self-loathing. In fact, the feeling of worthlessness had been lingering for the past couple of years I’ve worked in my agency’s social department. And for some reason, that “lingering” manifested into a full-blown epiphany after three heaps of Mott Street’s finest noodle.

My role came into existence not long ago, as platforms like Facebook and Twitter began to amass huge user bases. Advertising agencies established social content departments (or “community management” departments) to specialize in setting up and managing brand pages across various social networks. Over the last five years, the social content populating those channels has gone from thoughtless copy and primitive design to, well, less thoughtless copy and less primitive design. But as you might infer from my tone, that evolution is painstakingly slow. And egregious social strategies and executions are wasting money, deteriorating the value of brands and have me sweating over greasy noodles.

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