Social media Strategy Outline

Using social media marketing tools can be an effective way to create Brand recognition.

A good way to start is to find other companies/brands similar to your own. Questions to keep in mind as you are exploring these pages are:

- Do they get the kind of attention I want for my own brand?

- Which ones get the most hits, likes, re-tweets, pins, or shares?

- What content do they put it that gets the most reaction?

In exploring the other brands, you will begin to develop a sense of what you like and don’t like, and that is important in projecting an image in your own social media.

Perhaps you prefer a more friendly atmosphere, than a professional one. Or, you absolutely want to maintain a sense of professionalism. It is up to you to decide how your social media should come across. Once you decide on the atmosphere you want to create, use your research into other brands to create it. If a certain type of post you saw from another brand elicited a response you do not want to see for your own brand, don’t use it. If a type of posting caused a response you would like to see for your own brand, than copy that style. Obviously, I’m not talking about plagiarism. I’m talking about using their framework, frequency, and familiarity level when creating your own posts.

A good example of this, if you’re looking for one, is Vin Diesel’s Facebook page. It is extremely popular. He has a massive, responsive following. If you examine his page, and then go to “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson’s page, you will notice they are extremely similar in frequency of posts, type of posts, and familiarity. They are not the same, they are their own brand. However, they use almost the exact same structure in their social media. If you can find a brand that has a social media strategy outline that works in the way you would like you’re own to work, then you have a template to guide you.Regardless of what kind of image you choose to portray, it is important to put in content in every entry you post. It should have some meat. Something that your target audience want to know, would like to know, or want to see. This is what gets a response. The best response, and the one you are aiming for, is to have the post sent on through re-tweets, shares and pins. An important concept to remember here is that this is social media. People will re-post or re-tweet what they want their friends to see. They will pin things they want to get back to and try. Keep this in mind when creating your content.

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