Twitter social media Strategy

5 key questions to help develop your Twitter strategy


The truth is, despite now having over 280 million monthly users, Twitter is not profitable – yet.

But there is opportunity for your business… The ability to share updates, disseminate content to prospects, customers, influencers or even just people who are interested in your brand, presents you with the perfect tool for real-time brand awareness.

Of course we know there are also many other advantages of Twitter including service, lead generation and relationship building, with many great examples of brands using Twitter for customer care.

  1. Is Twitter right for our audience? If yes, build up a persona of who your Twitter customer is and what will make them tick.
  2. Are our users already using Twitter? Conducing social media listening will help to establish conversations already happening about your brand.
  3. What are our goals for Twitter? Twitter can support marketing and sales, HR and recruitment, corporate communications, customer service, and many more business functions, but it is good to decide your approach and set KPIs beforehand.
  4. What will we share on Twitter, how often and who will be responsible for it? Creating content planners, training and providing clear guidelines on who should use the channel will help to create a consistent tone of voice.
  5. How will we measure the impact of Twitter? On a very basic level look at interaction with posts and traffic to your website(s). In more depth look at lifetime value of a customer, what they go on to do e.g. shop / sign up, and how Twitter improves the overall customer experience.

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How do you leverage SEO strategies through Social Media?

It's pretty hard to make things "go viral" these days without social media leading the way.  So, carefully crafting social media pushes can have a huge impact on link production. 
With the FB and Twitter firehoses plugged into the engines indexation, you should be doing everything you can to encourage the social coefficient of your content.  A few shares or retweets per piece of content can go a long way in keeping your site's crawl/indexing fresh (especially on large content sites). As the engines get a little smarter about measuring social reputation and authority, yo…

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