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Ten Social Media Analytics Tools to UseSocial Media Analytics Tools

Among its million other uses, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for those interested in enhancing their internet marketing strategy. As such, the inevitable question frequently arises, ”how does a company evaluate the productivity of its social media campaign and how does it optimize this aspect of its internet marketing strategy?”

Social media analytics tools are the answer.

Social media analytics tools, like other analytics tools, are used to both evaluate and optimize social media campaigns. There are literally hundreds of social media analytics tools available, but there are only a few dozen that are unique in that they offer services or algorithms the others don’t.

The Top Ten Social Media Analytics Tools and the Companies that Produce Them

First off, it’s free. Not only is Google Analytics free, it is one of the most powerful analytics tools available. In reality, unless a company has special needs through specialized and free social media analytics tools, there are few social media analytics tools that can out perform Google Analytics. The drawbacks of Google Analytics is that it’s ugly and not particularly user friendly.

33across is an incredibly competitive company that offers a wide variety of social media services including social media analytics through social media analytics tools comparisons. Their primary focus is on social dynamics meaning their analytics process not only increases the productivity of a social media campaign in the current market, it predicts future trends and makes suggestions accordingly.

The best thing Moz Analytics has going for it is its platform. While most companies that offer social media analytics tools confound new users with a plethora of different charts, graphs, statistical analysis templates and jargon, Moz Analytics puts all of its analysis on the same page. In other words, Moz Analytics puts their analysis results in an easy to interpret format, and it can even be utilized as a collection of twitter monitoring tools.

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What is social networking and media?

Social Networking/Media may be defined as the avenue for people to communicate and to socialize virtually. Today Businesses uses Social Media Sites to promote their brands as a marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the most popular among the social media sites as of the present year (2011).

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