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future tweets scheduleMaybe you were tasked with managing your company's social media accounts because you're the marketing guy or maybe because you're youngest staffer and therefore deemed the most social media savvy. Whatever the reason, you're stuck with it—but posting to your company’s Twitter feed is likely the first thing to drop off your to-do list when the work piles up.

If that's you, it's time to embrace a social media scheduling service. With these tools you can keep your tweets and status updates flowing even when you're stuck in your third meeting of the day.

Just remember a couple of golden rules when it comes to scheduling posts: Don’t schedule everything, be prepared to engage when your scheduled posts go live, and stay on top of current events and trending topics.


If you’re just getting into the tweet-scheduling game, FutureTweets is about the most straightforward scheduling service you can ask for. Just type your tweet, choose your publish date and time (you can enter these manually or use the provided pop-up calendar and analog clock), and hit the schedule button.

klout create content screenFutureTweets offers easy, basic scheduling for your Twitter account.

Below the tweet box, you can see a list of your current and past scheduled tweets—the first have have gold stars next to them, the second have green checkmarks. You can delete or edit a tweet by clicking the appropriate icon next to it.

FutureTweets is a great service for people who want to schedule a few tweets quickly without having to go through the hassle of signing up for a completely separate social media management tool. But it’s limited: There’s no easy way to add pictures to your tweets, and there’s no built-in link-shortening service. So if you’re planning heavy social activity, you may want to look at a more powerful service.


This service ranks users according to their social media “Klout, ” which it measures using an algorithm that considers both the size of your network and the amount of influence you have over your followers. Earlier this year, Klout started putting its analytics to use with a brand-new sharing feature.

You can sign up with either your Twitter or Facebook account, and you can add social networks—including Google+, Instagram, Blogger, and Tumblr—to your profile to generate a more accurate Klout score.

Sharing content from Klout is simple: just start typing in the text box at the top of the screen. You can share content on Twitter, Facebook, or both.

The sharing box offers several features, including the ability to add photos, shorten links, and tag people (Twitter users only). Klout will even offer up your “best” times to share, which it determines by looking at how your shared content has been received by followers in the past.

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