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List of social media tools

Over the course of the years, many social media tools and applications for businesses have been reviewed on this site or been used by myself or one of the contributors, so now it’s time to compile these into a resource to help you make an informed decision as to what you should use for your business. I am actually in the process of creating my own social media application to add to this list, but until that time, please use this as a resource to help find the best tools and applications to help you maximize your social business.

Social Media Management Dashboards

There are many tools that you can use to help you manage all of your social media accounts at once without having to log in to each social media website separately:

Social Media Monitoring Applications

While social media management dashboards also give you the ability to monitor mentions, these social media monitoring applications usually go much deeper to give you access to more data as well as more analytical capabilities regarding mentions of your brand throughout social media and the blogosphere:

Social Media Influence Analysis

These tools are used by companies to segment social media users as well as potentially consumers into those who have social media “influence”:

Social Media Compliance Platforms

Coming soon!

Google Plus Applications

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Popular Q&A

Which is the best social media tool?

Hi there!
First of all, it all depends on the aims of your social media activities and your requirements.
A tool I can recommend (and I work for the company that developed it) is BuzzBundle. I personally use it every day for social activities.

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