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3. Tweeterspy – Find out who is the key influencers sending out your posts on twitter

TweeterSpy is a new application from the founders of Markerly (we covered this before on Social Media Examiner). When you share out a link on Twitter it tracks to see who shared the link and how many of their followers clicked on the links. This is really useful as you can see who are the influential people. If you know that you share a link with a particular person and they get a lot of people clicking links when they send it out then they are people you should focus on to build a relationship with. They are also people who have followers that are interested in your content.

Here is an example. When I sent out a link 6 of Shell Kramers followers clicked on the link.

Trakio user profile

4. BeeLiked – Social Promotions Platform for competitions across multiple platforms

There are 3 main parts to Beeliked.

Twitter competitions – It allows you to launch and manage a twitter competition, automatically pick a winner and moderate entries.

Social media marketing suite – This operates across Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare etc and allows you to monitor keywords, updates social channels, manage reviews etc.

Nectar Add-ons – This allows you to create a microsite around your twitter application.

Pirate metricsThe twitter competition area is interesting. We have so many providers of Facebook competitions why aren’t there more Twitter ones!

An example twitter competition is retweet to win. When users retweet they are automatically entered the competition and Bee liked can pick out a winner at random.

Other example competitions are:

  • Lucky Tweet – People send a tweet with a specified hash tag and entrants are recorded and a random winner selected.
  • Follower milestone – Twitter users guess when you will hit a follower milestone and then the winner will be selected based on the closest time to the milestone.
  • Twitter poll – You ask a question and entrants enter the competition if they get the right answer.

There are other competitions also which are available for enterprise customers (e.g. photo competition).

5. Tweetbinder – Twitter Filtering Tool

Tweetbinder allows you to filter out conversation on twitter based on a hash tag or a term and then further filter this conversation. For example, if you filtered on ‘Razorsocial’ you could see all the tweets for the last 7 days with ‘Razorsocial’ in the tweet. You could then filter this conversation to display just links, retweets, pictures etc.

A binder is a filter on conversation. If you have a lot of conversation you could create a binder within this conversation that further filters it.

Tweetbinder safelinks Everpost

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Popular Q&A

What are new social media tools I should know about? Like Google Lat, Loop'd and Bright Kite?

I have a job interview on Friday and I need to know about up and coming tools. Please help

I would focus on a combination of up-n-coming social trends like Google Wave and Bing, also possibly Google FastFlip. Also I would recommend "stand-bys" like twitter and Facebook, and I'd suggest being able to explain how things like twitter and Facebook fan pages can give added value to a company's social media efforts.

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