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Simply measured create collectionAs an example, when I selected the Twitter Account Report, it brings me to a screen where you provide details of your Twitter account. You can then name this ‘collection’ and assign any tags that further describe what the report is about.

You then specify the type of report you want to run. You’ll see there’s also a menu option for alerts. This allows me to set up monitoring on this account and get alerts.

There is good configuration on the alerts where you can set up options such as only deliver alerts based on someone having a high number of followers or Klout score.

When you run a report you can either view it online or as an Excel report. The reports are very visually appealing, well designed and full of great content.

Simply Measured AlertsIf you don’t like the black background there is also a light colored theme.

What I love most about the Excel reports is that it’s not just the graphs that are exported to Excel. It also creates multiple sheets within which contain all the data that back up the graph.

Having the data means you can analyze it even further and maybe start changing the data to predict future results.

As well as social media accounts you can also run off reports from your website. For example, this is one of the charts in a report that shows you the Twitter users who are driving the most traffic to your site. This is very useful to know as these are people you need to engage with more.

Simply measured Twitter report

Overall Opinion

Simply Measured is a really powerful social media analytics platform that provides an extensive range of really nicely designed reports that are available either online, or through Excel and Powerpoint.

Their free reports are a great starting point and definitely worth using.

The fact they support such a broad range of social media platforms, together with their high starting price point, means that it’s really suitable for the larger brands, and they do have some very large brands already as clients.

2. Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a platform for competitive intelligence. You create one or more landscapes of competitors or clients and track their performance across both social media and the web.

The platform is really nicely designed and easy to understand so you’ll get benefit from it very quickly.

How much will it cost you?

Pricing starts at $99 with support for Facebook and Twitter plus competitor analysis for 1 landscape (a landscape is a way of grouping companies you want to monitor). At $199 you get support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and 2 landscapes. At $399 you can expand your competitor analysis from 2 to 5 landscapes.

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